Escape Room

RECO clients will meet at an animal hospital and animal rescue facility in West Palm Beach for one of their excursions. Clients will tour the facilities and learn the animals’ stories, including how they arrived at the rescue. Most of the animals have suffered abuse that necessitated medical attention and are currently in recovery from their ailments. Two members of RECO’s clinical team will accompany the clients and make the connection between the client’s story and the animal’s story.

We have found that clients have an enormous amount of compassion for the animals but lack a similar compassion for themselves in their own recovery. This is an opportunity for the clinical team member to encourage the client to see his/her own self as they see the animal. We have witnessed clients make breakthroughs in their recovery from this experience.

Therapeutic Excursions

RECO believes that progress occurs through different experiences specifically designed to propel clients beyond their comfort zones.

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