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Experiences from RECO Graduates

At RECO, we understand the importance of selecting a sober living facility that will truly support your sobriety. We are privileged to provide comfortable and secure residential facilities that serve as a backdrop for and motivator of success, and are thankful to be honored by those whom have been impacted by our mission.

From Clients

Our former clients have spoken highly of their experiences with our housing facilities, and we are thrilled to see them thriving post-RECO.

  • "You all are my family." Ricky R., Former RECO Client

    “This is an amazing place. Professionals like David Niknafs make this a welcoming, safe, enjoyable atmosphere. We are so lucky, within our society, to have such a beautiful, wonderful, comforting complex to help us move on and accelerate in life. The experience is amazing and thought-provoking. I’ve been three years sober today, and just want to thank all the staff and friends I made. You all are my family. I love all of you. You have all been so incredibly supportive, from Day 1 to today. I can’t thank you enough. I will continue to recommend RECO to all of my loved ones, friends, and strangers, who aspire to heal, feel better, and have a positive, life-changing experience. Thank you again to David, as my personal hero. I love you RECO. Thank you for saving me, and countless others.”

  • "RECO saved my life." Joe F., Former RECO Client

    “I moved to Florida in 2009 and I have been involved in the recovery community in Delray for the last 6 years. I have been on both sides from being the President of an Alumni Institution of a treatment center, to relapsing and going to jail. I have heard the horror stories of and been in and around some of less professional areas of this field. I could not be more serious when I say this but RECO saved my life. When I got out of jail I had no money I didn’t know anyone and no other halfways would work with me. The only place that returned my call was RECO. For a guy like me who has made the mistakes of ruining his credit and having an eviction as well I have a lot of work to do before I can get a place of my own. RECO has easily the cleanest, well run houses I have ever seen. The staff that manage the houses are directly involved in our lives making sure we are headed in the right direction and that we live in a safe environment. I am grateful and feel extremely blessed to live here. I would recommend these facilities to anyone in a similar situation.”

  • "Allowed me to build a life for myself." Chris V., Former RECO Client

    “Sober housing that RECO Institute provides is a cut above the rest. All their houses are safe, immaculate, and spacious. I was able to thrive in the safe environment provided, and build a solid sober foundation necessary to move forward. Everyone was held accountable by the staff. Living here was a great experience as a whole and allowed me to build a life for myself.”

  • “Extraordinary administration.” Daniel T., Former RECO Client

    “RECO Institute gives an extraordinary administration to the people. They are so professional, friendly, and helpful for their clients. They bail me out however much as could reasonably be expected and take my recuperation extremely seriously. I am happy for their exceptional administration.”

  • "I am forever grateful." Mike W., Former RECO Client

    “Their facilities are clean and accommodating and their staff was knowledgable and helped me through the rehabilitation process from day one to the day I completed my treatment. I would recommend RECO to any one of my friends and loved ones if they were in a similar position that I was in a few months ago. They helped me turn my life around and start living again, and for that I am forever grateful.”

  • "I was treated like a person, not just a number." Andrew L., Former RECO Client

    “RECO played a vital role in my recovery and I would highly recommend it to anybody. I was treated like a person, not just a number, and was given the tools and resources necessary to maintain long-term recovery. The personable staff made all the difference!”

  • "They take my recovery very seriously." Stephanie W., Former Reco Client

    “David Niknafs and [his team] are very friendly and helpful people. They help me out as much as possible and take my recovery very seriously. I’m very thankful I had both of them in my early recovery, and still to this day.”

  • “Excellent sober living houses!" Major B., Former RECO Client

    “Excellent sober living houses! RECO provides a very safe and structured environment and an amazing staff that is strongly committed to helping anyone who wants to stay sober. I owe RECO a debt of gratitude.”

  • "Helped hold me accountable." Tripp G., Former Reco Client

    “RECO provided me with a safe and sober environment, where I could learn to assimilate into sober lifestyle in the real world. They provided me with a network of sober friends and mentors who helped hold me accountable during a delicate phase of sobriety. With the help of RECO, I am living a sober life, and am learning to enjoy my life without the use of any drugs or alcohol.”

  • "RECO's different approach has made the difference." Parker K., Former RECO Client

    “Before coming to RECO, I tried other halfway houses and had mediocre experiences. I was about ready to give up on the idea of recovery-based housing if things didn’t change at my next halfway house. Luckily, I found RECO right at the right time. I’m glad to say it has been an entirely different experience for me. The staff at RECO instantly took interest in me as a person; they got to know who I really am and what challenges I currently faced in life. Weekly meetings between the staff and clients kept me on track with individualized goals and recommendations specifically given to me that week. I can’t say enough about how RECO’s different approach to sober housing has truly made the difference in my recovery.”

From Family

RECO Institute will provide a safe environment for your loved one, allowing you to rest assured that their needs are being met during this critical stage of early recovery.

  • “A step towards a beautiful life.” Holly M., mother of a recovering addict

    My 19-year-old daughter has been given her life back through her hard work and the caring, competent staff at RECO. We were losing her to an opiate addiction, which has reached epidemic proportions where we live in Boston. She is now working with the staff at RECO through their IOP program to gain lifelong skills in recovery. Ryan has been my liaison at RECO. He keeps me up to date on her progress and is very encouraging and easy to talk to. He is helping her with her job search and budgeting so that she will have the skills she needs to be independent and sober going forward. My daughter has great things to say about the program as well. We are indebted to RECO for giving us our beautiful daughter back! For people in the throes of addiction, it can seem like there is no way out. I would strongly recommend RECO as a step towards freedom and a beautiful life.”

  • “Truly a blessing.” Kelly T., sister of a recovering alcoholic/addict

    “You are truly a blessing Dave! To say my family loves you is quite the understatement. You were so patient with us and always available. To be able to speak with you day or night, even if I just needed reassurance that everything would be all right, you were always there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

  • “Keep doing what you do.” Rodger G., father of a recovering addict

    “Let me start off explaining how my life is different today, compared to 9 months ago. When my son calls me, I no longer worry that he is about to tell me he is in jail, hurt or needs money. When I go to sleep, that’s right, I can sleep! I don’t have to worry that he’s going to break into my home and steal from me. That weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Instead, we have a real father-son relationship. To see him thriving in his recovery program, working, helping out other addicts and being a responsible member in society is something I thought I would never see. I’m proud of him and Dave, I’m proud of you. I don’t know how you did it, but keep doing what you do because you are great at it.”

  • "Thank you for the time and energy you put into us." Susan B., mother of a recovering addict

    “David, words cannot express how much you mean to my family and I. Greg and I felt we had lost our son to addiction, that all hope was lost. Both of our lives revolved around finding a solution to keep our son alive. We felt completely helpless for several years as we watched our only son destroy his life, and ours in the process. The care and service you provided, not only saved the life of our son, but also led him to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The change in him, our family and our relationship with each other is better than I ever could have imagined. I thank you for all the time and energy you put into us and the kindness you showed.”

  • "We've seen such a positive change." Tara C., mother of a recovering addict

    Thank you Brian and the staff at RECO. My son completed treatment with you and we’ve seen such a positive change in him. He has remained sober, is working in the field, and our relationship with him is better than it’s ever been. God bless you all.”

  • "I don’t know where we would be without you." Corey R., brother of a recovering addict

    “My family was in dire need of help and David Niknafs along with the rest of his amazing staff were there for us. Addiction does not run in our family, so when we needed to find assistance for my sister we also needed a facility that could walk us through the steps (i.e – intervention, insurance, family groups, etc.). Thank you RECO Institute for all of your support. I don’t know where we would be without you!”

From Professionals

We aim to serve as a group of trusted residential housing facilities within the addiction treatment field, and are grateful to work with professionals who share a similar goal.

  • “Recommended hands-down.” Jamie Eater, MSW, Clinical Director, Sober Escorts Inc.

    “Sober Escorts, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with David and his crew at RECO more than once. Each time we have worked together, David has gone above and beyond to make sure our clients are well tended and cared for. We recommend him and his team hands-down.”

  • “Best foot forward.” Ian Cunningham, C.F.S.I., Cunningham Interventionist

    “When running an intervention team, it can be challenging to find the best placement for a client in the right time. When working with David on getting a client to his program, his team always responds adamantly and is putting their best foot forward to make our transition process with the client as smooth as possible. David is always the person answering the phone and running the operation. My team and I highly recommend David in his professional line of work.”

  • "A pleasure to do business with." Eric S. Dresdale, Co-Founder, Next Step Network

    “David is such a pleasure to do business with. He is honest, dependable and a reputable recovery residence owner. David operates with the very best intentions of his past, future and current clients. He is definitely an up-and-coming player in this industry. He is one of the good guys.”

  • "RECO has exceeded my expectations." Chris Becker, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Sober Escorts Inc.

    “As an addictions professional I’m always on the lookout for quality aftercare and sober living arrangements for my clients. RECO has met and exceeded my expectations on every occasion that I’ve had the pleasure of working with them. Their facilities are serene and comfortable, as well as being exceptionally run. David provides a high level of accountability for his clients and is very skilled at identifying and implementing any resources his clients need. I would recommend RECO to anyone seeking a high quality sober living facility.”

  • "Recovery in a safe environment." Jordan McAdams, Client Services, Royal Recovery

    “RECO is providing so many people with an opportunity to change their lives and get back on the path they were meant to trudge. With the help of the dedicated, passionate staff, people are given the chance to truly recover in a safe environment and for that I am truly grateful.”

  • "Excellent reputation." Jim Twitty, President, Next Right Thing Network

    “Very good people. Excellent reputation in the local sober community.”

  • "Top of my list." John Tarasi, CEO of Soberguard

    “There are few facilities that I truly have complete confidence in. However, RECO is at the top of my list.”

Highest Standards & Best Practices
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