Is RECO Institute a 12-step based program?

RECO Institute does incorporate elements of the 12 step programs, it is also expected that you attend some form of community meetings whether that be 12 step, church or something else. At RECO Institute, our basic premise is that we will allow you to find a path that works for you and hold you accountable to that.

Is transportation provided while in RECO Institute?

Yes. RECO Institute has an hourly transportation system, aptly named RUBER (RECO + Uber) and also provides most transportation to appointments, meetings, groups and more as needed and upon request. Another added bonus, is that we are centrally located to Downtown Delray Beach and most public transportation systems.

Is smoking and tobacco use allowed?

Yes but with limitations. There is no vaping allowed inside of buildings and it is expected you place cigarette butts in the designated receptacles.

Are clients allowed to take medications?

Yes. We have doctors, nursing, and psychiatric staff who can help you with managing your medication.

Am I allowed to have my phone and laptop?

Yes! At RECO Institute, you are now in a what we call a lower level care. That means that you are allowed normal freedoms. It will be up to you to manage all of this responsibly. You will not be allowed phones during groups and other times when your attention and participation is required.

What is the average age of your clientele?

Our clientele range in age from 18-70 years old. At RECO Institute, we are inclusive not exclusive which is why we attract such a large demographic of people. We will say this, if you are housing with us, you will be assigned to a location that is aptly fit your maturity level.

Do you accept insurance at RECO Institute?

We do! We accept most insurances and if that doesn’t work we also offer great payment plans as needed. If you want to know more, call the phone number to reach admissions.

What is the cost of treatment at RECO Institute?

Cost varies widely based on many things including whether or not you do or do not have insurance. We will work together to make it affordable for you so you can receive the help you or your loved one need.

What is the average length of stay at RECO Institute?

We would love to see you stay with us a minimum of 30 days. However, everyone has their own journey. We do know this, the longer people are with us, the better their chances of success in finding long term sobriety.

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Highest Standards & Best Practices

At RECO Institute, we strive to uphold and maintain the highest standards in sober living quality and accreditation.

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