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Mission Statement

Delray Beach RECO Institute Sober Living Mission Statement

Our mission serves to facilitate meaningful change in a safe and sober environment, while allowing individuals in recovery to assume and uphold responsibilities, to foster connections with peers, and to work toward fully independent living.

Offered in conjunction with our outpatient program, RECO Intensive, RECO Institute’s Recovery Residences have been thoughtfully designed to promote progress and healing in recovery. Each amenity is a tribute to RECO’s commitment to uphold the highest standards and best practices in sober living; each story of success is a tribute to RECO’s empathetic staff and effective approach.

Together, RECO Institute and RECO Intensive form a team.
A team that will hold you accountable.
A team that will create camaraderie.
A team that will provide stability.
A team that will be a home.

Highest Standards & Best Practices
Discover a better life and call our recovery helpline today. 844.960.3156