Summer of Sobriety: Tips for Staying on Track

Summer of Sobriety: Tips for Staying on Track
Recovery June 16, 2017
Author: Ilana Jael

It’s official: any semblance of a Florida “spring” that might have been has passed—summer is upon us, and the rising temperatures remind us to slather on extra sunscreen and stay extra-hydrated.

Summer also presents different challenges for a person newly in recovery from addiction. As we associate the season with weddings and special events, barbecues, and beach days, the temptation of alcohol is hidden even in everyday activities.

Luckily, there are ways to look out for your recovery this summer, and ways to have fun while remaining substance-free.

  1. Stay Active

Summertime can consist of lazy, hot days spent lounging by the pool—times in which we would have enjoyed a drink. When planning a beach or pool day, couple it with something active, like swimming, playing volleyball, or going for a walk. Keeping the body active, along with the mind, will allow you to focus on what’s important. Beach yoga classes are often available for free, and are hosted toward the end of the day when the sun isn’t quite so hot.

  1. Make Plans with Sober Friends

Reach out to new friends and make a plan to enjoy all that summer has to offer. Whether this means hosting a sober barbecue, playing a round of pick-up softball at the park, or attending a local outdoor concert or movie, there are tons of ways to engage with those who are in a similar spot. 

  1. Stay Engaged with Alumni Programs

Many treatment programs have alumni programs that host events throughout the year. At RECO, we are ramping up to host an alumni field day, and have already hosted a paintball event in addition to our weekly alumni meetings.

  1. Give Yourself a Project

Think back to your schooldays, and assign yourself some “summer reading.” We’ve compiled a list of attention-worthy addiction memoirs on the RECO Intensive site. If reading’s not your thing, think of an enrichment assignment you could work on, such as a piece of artwork or DIY project, a sharpened focus on your step-work, or a renewed fitness or nutrition plan.

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