Staying Sober is a Choice

Staying Sober is a Choice
Addiction January 5, 2018
Author: Ilana Jael

Sobriety, to those battling addiction, can feel like an impossible task. Your addiction is a disease, and for an addict, it is one’s default setting that is exacerbated by high-risk behavior. This is especially true for those recently out of detox. Those becoming reacquainted with sobriety are in a precarious state, as the new-found sobriety could come tumbling down like a house of cards.  A combination of environments, triggers, and social pressures could paint sobriety as a pipe dream. Indulging feels like an impulse, while sobriety feels like it is not an option.

Sobriety is an option, and in fact it is a choice. It is a cognitive, mindful, and decisive choice that must be made every day. Long-term sobriety is a successful string of choosing not to indulge. For this reason, RECO Institute wants to provide you with the tools be triumphant in your choice to remain sober.

The sober living Delray Beach program offered by RECO Institute incorporates:

Successful sober living is the culmination of powerful support groups and developing the skills to remain independent after exiting our program. The RECO Institute sober living homes offer amenities to residents that are conducive to sobriety like: onsite supervision, access to RECO Intensive licensed therapist, 24-hour care access and support, transportation to necessary destinations, and satellite cable with Wi-Fi.

Why Choose a Sober Living Home?

As mentioned above, there are factors like the environment and triggers that could cause a relapse. RECO Institute provides a controlled streamlined environment that reduces these risks. Our housing facilities are fully furnished, and you will be cohabitating with other individuals who strive to meet the same sober goals. When you combine all this, you are limiting your access to substances, you are living in a serene space, and you are participating in a sophisticated support group that will encourage you to stay sober. Ultimately, you are making it as easy as possible to make the mindful decision to be sober. That choice made every day during your program is the foundation for making that choice long after you leave RECO Institute.

Our sober living homes offer a type of accountability that is pivotal to making the deliberate choice not to indulge. You’re entering a space dedicated to sobriety, which is going to foster the mind-set you need to remain sober during your program and when you leave to an independent life. Since you’re going to be participating in your uniquely tailored RECO Intensive program, your mind-set will become instilled to habits and skills that will translate to the open environment of the outside world.

Your sobriety is a choice, and that choice needs to be made every day. RECO Institute is the ideal sober living facility in Delray Beach that will help you make that choice.

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