What Are Sober Support Groups?

What Are Sober Support Groups?
Recovery October 9, 2017
Author: Ilana Jael

A sober support group is a community of individuals in recovery who can bond and bolster one another through a shared recovery experience. These groups can be formed in addiction rehab as part of a group therapy program or by recovering individuals in the community (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous).

Individuals are encouraged to share their experiences, ideas, and feelings about their own recovery, as well as actively support others in the therapy group. This creates a safe environment for like-minded individuals to grow, celebrate successes together, and warn one another against use risks and negative thinking.

Sober Support Group Between Three People Near a Lake

The Benefits of Being Part of a Sober Community

Psychological research and the experiences of recovering addicts and addiction counselors have shown that being in a sober support group can have incredibly positive results. According to research published in the journal Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation, peer support during recovery can help to improve a person’s self-efficacy and reduce risk-taking behaviors.

Considering our inherent human desire to feel part of an understanding social community, it’s only natural that having a safety net of fellow recovering addicts can be particularly fulfilling.

Sober support groups can benefit recovering addicts during and after rehab in a number of ways:

And much, much more.

Find Sober Support Groups in Delray Beach

If you’re looking for a peer group to help you support your sobriety, there are different local programs and networks you can try, such as Alcoholics Anonymous in Delray Beach. Attending AA meetings in Delray Beach or other such support group events regularly can help you maintain existing sobriety or seek it on an individual basis.

If you need a more in-depth recovery experience, you can also consider the residential and group therapy programs at RECO Intensive.

Whether you’re struggling with addiction for the first time in your life or have relapsed after a period of sobriety, the compassionate rehabilitation experts can help. Our team is dedicated to helping you rediscover your life with the best possible recovery experience. This includes providing a broad range of different recovery program options, residential housing, recovery resources, and more. We will also help you build lasting social connections that will help you maintain your sobriety after your program ends.

To learn more about how we can help you with your journey back to a sober life, visit our addiction treatment or call us today at (855) 799-1035.

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