Should Sober Living Be Gender-Segregated

Should Sober Living Be Gender-Segregated
Sober Living March 5, 2018
Author: Ilana Jael

A recovery journey starts with a safe home base. If you or a loved one is looking for sober living in Delray Beach, one of the first questions to consider is what type of environment will best support your goal to live a full life, free from addiction.

There are a number of reasons to consider gender-specific sober living as a life-changing first step. There are significant gender differences in substance use disorders, in the ways men and women seek help, their reasons for doing so, the social stigma they face, the issues behind their addiction, and—as a result—what treatment methods will be most effective.

Let’s explore the reasons:

Men and Women Recover Differently

While every person’s recovery journey may be different, and not all of these generalities apply to every member of a specific gender, recent research suggests that men abuse different drugs, and for different reasons, than women. These differences require gender-specific treatment programs.

What’s the difference?

Separation Supports Recovery

Physical separation allows both men and women to focus on their recovery and re-learn how to build stable support systems and trusting relationships. Without the substitution and avoidance elements of romance and physical attraction it becomes easier to zero in on the root causes of addiction.

Gender-specific treatment for substance abuse fosters and protects progress being made and preserves relationships that already exist. It provides both men and women the very different ideal surroundings and methodologies they need for successful treatment.

Men and women also process experiences differently. A gender-separated program can take advantage of known differences in gender learning styles, social bonding, and communication techniques. (We will discuss the environment that best supports women’s recovery in greater detail in another article, focusing on drug abuse and women’s health.)

What Makes Separate Transitional Living So Successful?

Recovery Is Within Reach

Meaningful change is highly successful in safe environments tailored to support sobriety. Some of the best gender-specific residences for men’s sober living in Delray Beach are part of RECO Institute. Facilitating positive change, connections with peers, and personal accountability, these sober lifestyle residences uphold the highest standards in healing.

RECO’s recovery residences are an artful, elegant, and comfortable first step in the recovery journey. Together with the outpatient RECO Intensive recovery program, these empathetic and effective programs allow residents a focused opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Looking for a Men’s Sober Living Residence?

All residences have spacious semi-private bedrooms and amenities such as wi-fi, satellite cable, flat screen TVs, laundry, kitchen, and 24-hour staff onsite. Residents have full access through RECO Intensive to medical care, licensed therapists, nutritionists, and case managers.

Eliminating All Obstacles

Gender-specific transitional housing offers solutions to any obstacles that may be standing in the way of your recovery. Taking the first step of researching your choice can be the catalyst to meaningful change in your life, so explore the virtual tours and reach out to learn more now.

These collaborative, empathetic, proven approaches are designed to foster your independence and healing at every step of the way. RECO Institute is a trusted partner on the path to recovery, employing established best practices and the latest research while upholding the highest possible standards of care.

It’s time to start your individualized journey to a healthy life.


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