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Veronica Collard

Director of Case Management

As a RECO alumna herself, Veronica brings a supreme dedication to the enduring community that she has remained a part of throughout her sobriety. In her role as a Case Coordinator, she upholds and maintains communication with clinical staff, aiming to foster an atmosphere of teamwork and continual support. From day to day, she checks in with current clients, facilitates intakes and medical appointments, and ensures the comfort and well-being of all those involved in the program. Her empathetic and understanding nature resonates with clients, and her determination and commitment is a terrific asset to our qualified staff. As she moves through her own recovery, she is grateful to have the opportunity to give back the compassion that was so freely given to her during her experience in treatment. Originally from Peabody, MA, she enjoys beach days, shopping trips, and hanging out with her pup, Layla.

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