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Sober Living Housing Guidelines

Sober Living Housing Guidelines in Delray Beach

Upon beginning our intensive outpatient program and residing at our housing facilities, each client will be given a copy of our housing guidelines. These guidelines are imposed to better serve our clients, and exist solely to create and encourage even brighter futures in sobriety.

At RECO Institute, safety is our number one priority. In order to ensure that each client is secure within the structure of our program and housing, we have crafted a set of guidelines that aligns closely with our mission and commitment to each client’s success.

Client Rules & Agreement

The following set of guidelines must be acknowledged and understood upon admission by each client of RECO Institute. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our policies.

  • 1. Absolutely no use or possession of drugs or alcohol is allowed on or off property.
  • 2. All clients must submit to random drug and alcohol testing upon request by any and all staff members. Failure to submit will be deemed a positive test and can result in immediate dismissal.
  • 3. All clients are strongly encouraged to have a 12-Step sponsor within their first 3 weeks at RECO Institute.
  • 4. Curfew for all new clients is 10:00 PM, seven days a week, for the first three weeks. After three weeks there will be a review of the client’s progress. If the client has followed all rules as outlined, curfew will be as follows:
    • 11:30 PM Monday – Thursday
    • 1:00 AM Friday & Saturday
  • 5. Clients are strongly encouraged to attend a meeting a day for the first 90 days at RECO Institute in the fellowship of their choice (AA, NA, CA, etc.), unless alternative plans are approved by the clinical team.
  • 6. Meeting verification forms may be enacted and redacted at any time upon request by clinical staff.
  • 7. RECO staff will provide transportation to a local 12-Step 10 PM meeting for clients on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • 8. Clients attending Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, or other treatment services must be punctual, appropriately dressed, and remain compliant as outlined within their treatment plan. Clients may only receive permission to be excused from IOP from their therapist over 24 hours in advance.
  • 9. Clients will attend mandatory appointments with RECO’s medical director when necessary.
  • 10. Every Sunday, starting at 8:00 PM, all clients are required to attend our community meeting. We will give everyone the opportunity to share how they are doing amongst the community and will provide various AA, NA, or CA speakers.
  • 11. All clients must pay their weekly rent every Friday to the designated staff person for the following week unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • 12. All clients must be attending IOP/OP, actively seeking employment, enrolled in school, or be volunteering in the community. Our case coordinator will give you a detailed outline of what is specifically expected of you at admission in your intake packet.
  • 13. If a client is at work and unable to return to property by curfew time, client must notify staff at least 12 hours prior to curfew time. A time sheet may be requested to show proof of hours worked.
  • 14. All beds must be made daily prior to 9:00 AM on the weekdays and 11:00 AM on the weekends (exceptions can be made based on work schedules).
  • 15. House cleanliness and organization is mandatory. The following is expected of each client:
    • All clothes must be folded neatly or hung in designated dressers or closets.
    • Any food must be stored properly in the kitchen. No food is allowed in the bedrooms.
    • No dishes, silverware, glasses, cups, pots, pans, or any other items are to be left in sinks or on counters after use. Immediately clean and place in dishwasher.
    • Floors must be swept and mopped daily.
    • All countertops and surfaces must be cleaned and wiped down daily.
    • Bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas are to remain clean and organized at all times.
    • All exterior grounds must be cleaned, including front, rear, and courtyard areas.
  • 16. No smoking, vaping, or tobacco use of any kind is allowed inside any of the houses.
  • 17. Do not throw cigarette butts anywhere except in designated ashtrays.
  • 18. Absolutely no burning of candles, incenses, or any other items inside houses.
  • 19. All lights and appliances must be turned off before leaving the house.
  • 20. Clients may not remove any of RECO’s property from designated area or house.
  • 21. If a client has any concerns for another client’s well being, they should notify staff immediately.
  • 22. Being disrespectful to staff will not be tolerated (this includes yelling, disobeying staff directives, taunting, physical and verbal assaults, etc.) and may result in immediate dismissal.
  • 23. Being disrespectful to other clients will not be tolerated (this includes teasing, bullying, stealing, physical and verbal assaults, etc.) and may result in immediate dismissal.
  • 24. Absolutely no derogatory statements aimed at another person in regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or lack of religion.
  • 25. Any and all clients may be discharged for any fighting, stealing, or possession of drugs or alcohol on or off property, as well as any illegal behavior.
  • 26. Absolutely no weapons of any kind are allowed on property.
  • 27. RECO staff must approve any and all medications, including OTC medications and supplements.
  • 28. No sexual activity of any kind is permitted on property (including any and all sexual acts, as well as pornography).
  • 29. No gambling of any kind is permitted on or off property.
  • 30. No client will be allowed in another client’s room unless accompanied by client who resides in said room.
  • 31. It is forbidden for any females to be on RECO men's properties or any males to be on RECO women's properties.
  • 32. Any client having a guest visit them on property receive staff permission prior to guest’s arrival. All guests must leave property at curfew or at the request of any and all staff members.
  • 33. Any client who requests an overnight pass must submit form at least 1 week prior to requested leave date. Both the clinical and administrative teams must approve the client’s pass. Approval will be based upon compliance with rules. All fees must be current for pass to be considered.
  • 34. No overnight client passes will be granted during a client’s first 3 weeks at RECO (exceptions can be made for legal or marital issues, and for deaths in the family).
  • 35. Clients are expected to keep up personal hygiene and are responsible for doing their laundry. Washers and dryers are on-site.
  • 36. All clients will be issued a key code to their house. To ensure safety, clients are forbidden to share this code with anyone.
  • 37. Clients should not attempt to enter any of our houses through a window or without a key.
  • 38. Client is responsible for any damage or destruction of RECO property.
  • 39. RECO Institute and our affiliates are in no way responsible or liable for a client’s lost, damaged, or stolen personal property, nor can it be held liable for any injuries or damages caused on behalf of the resident’s negligence. This includes, but is not limited to, injury to themselves or another client.
  • 40. No bicycles allowed inside the houses. Keep them securely locked in designated bike areas.
  • 41. Never leave any doors or windows unlocked. Be accountable to yourself and to us.
  • 42. Client gives consent to any and all staff members the right to search a client’s house, room, vehicle, personal belongings and/or person, at any time, with or without client present for search.
  • 43. Any client’s willful behavior deemed damaging to the reputation and well-being of RECO is subject to immediate dismissal.
  • 44. All clients must submit to random drug and alcohol testing upon request by any and all staff members. Failure to submit will be declared a positive test and can result in immediate dismissal.
  • 45. Any and all personal property left behind by a client upon departure or discharge will be stored by RECO for no longer than 48 hours (unless prior arrangements have been made), before being donated to a non-profit organization.
  • 46. The Client Rules and Agreement Contract are subject to change at any time at the discretion of RECO Institute.
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