A Hero’s Journey

In treating addiction, creating reasonable coping strategies is of the utmost importance. Therapists use CBT as a vehicle to identify current habits and to analyze triggers of specific behaviors. When individuals are presented with both the positive and negative consequences of their behaviors, they are better able to self-monitor their moods, cravings, and reactions.

RECO follows the individual’s entire story—from birth to adulthood—and recognizes that in order for transformation to take place, one must first understand his/her own past.

They must recognize that each crossroads in life contains valuable information for self-discovery and acceptance. Individuals who are able to make the connections between their past and present are better able to recognize patterns and understand the trajectory of their lives. In order to change a thought or behavior pattern, the individual must take time to realize how those patterns have affected their lives over time.

Every story has a hero. Every story presents the question: “Who is the hero?”

Every individual has the opportunity to decide: “Will I be the hero or the victim of my story?”

In “A Hero’s Journey,” we uncover the answers to these questions, while encouraging participation in an open, supportive forum.

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