Goodbye Summer: Tips for Staying Sober on Labor Day Weekend  

Goodbye Summer: Tips for Staying Sober on Labor Day Weekend   
Recovery September 1, 2017
Author: Ilana Jael

As the summer winds down, we encounter our last batch of summer barbecues and festivities. For those in early recovery from addiction, the summer holiday season may be full of new challenges.

With college football gearing up, pool parties being thrown, and a long weekend within reach, creating a plan for a sober holiday sets the path toward success.

The following tips will ensure a fun, safe—and sober—holiday weekend.

Find Sober Activities

Many local groups host sober events that you can be a part of. Whether it’s a cookout, volleyball game, or beach get together, there are tons of activities that can be enjoyed in a sober environment. Alumni groups at your treatment center and 12-Step meetings are a great place to start.

Enlist a Friend

Find a friend in sobriety who can serve as your support, and help you to avoid potentially risky situations. Strength lies in numbers, and having a friend by your side can be a great distraction.

Seek Guidance  

Schedule time to talk to your sponsor or therapist about your feelings toward sober celebrations. He or she can help you craft a plan that works best for you. Developing coping strategies ensures that you will walk into the impending fall/winter holiday season with confidence—and skills to rely on.

Be Patient with Yourself

If you are experiencing cravings or different feelings during this time, make sure to communicate them. Spend extra time practicing self-care rituals such as meditation or exercise, and remain cognizant of the way you are approaching the milestone of celebrating holidays in recovery.

Remember to be patient with yourself—and with your sobriety. You will soon discover that there are a million ways to have fun in recovery—and that they are all possible become you made the courageous decision to get sober.

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