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Finding a Sober Meeting that Works for You

Finding a Sober Meeting that Works for You
Sep 29,2017 Author: Kate Mills

Finding an AA or NA meeting that works for you can be a challenge. Looking for the right fit can take time, and establishing a support community that will uplift and encourage you can make all the difference in your early sobriety.

While attending meetings may not be all-encompassing solution, it has been proven to foster personal growth and feelings of community for those in the beginning stages of recovery.
Find below a series of tips to find a meeting that aligns with your goals in sobriety, and that will act as a driving force in your recovery when coupled with an intensive outpatient program, a sober living environment, and outside support from trusted friends and family.

  • Go With a Friend—or Take a Friend With YouAttending meeting with a friend or group can make you feel more comfortable and willing to open up. If you know of a friend who really enjoys the atmosphere meetings they attend, ask them if you can tag along and get to know that group. 
  • Know Your Options

Do your research online, and reach out to the sober community in order to find all of your options. Your therapist or case manager at IOP may know of a meeting that might suit you, or can direct you toward someone, like an alumni, who can connect you with a good meeting spot.

  • Try Again

If you don’t mesh well with the particular vibe of meeting, don’t be discouraged. Many meetings attract different groups, and can fluctuate, too. A meeting that works for you may not work for someone else—and vice versa.


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