5 Ways to Have Fun Without Alcohol

5 Ways to Have Fun Without Alcohol
Alcoholism January 9, 2020
Author: Ilana Jael

Finding ways to socialize without the intoxicating effects of alcohol is not just a concern for those leaving an addiction treatment center or sober living facility. Many individuals either choose to abstain from alcohol or have medical reasons to avoid drinking as part of their daily life.

However, avoiding all fun environments where alcohol is served is not realistic for most people. These tips will help you enjoy those places and activities while keeping your personal commitment to an alcohol-free lifestyle.

1. Let Go of Old Connections

The mental and physical connections between drinking alcohol and having a good time are some of the drivers that can lead some people to alcoholism. Sober living programs can help these individuals break those physical bonds and offer support to conquer the mental ones. Even if alcohol is served at an event or location, you can explore those fun activities and learn to experience them as a sober person with a new perspective.

2. Choose New Hobbies and  Activities

Finding new outlets and opportunities for fun will help you focus on the enjoyment of an activity without any history of having participated while drinking. Joining a dance class, volunteer organization, martial arts club, or sports team will bring more fun into your life and offer you a clean slate to establish yourself as someone who enjoys these activities but does not drink.

3. Keep Your Choices to Yourself

Maybe some of your old friends pushed you to drink even when you would have had fun without alcohol. Being worried that someone will be mad or put out because you choose to participate in an event without drinking comes from associating with people who are looking for a drinking buddy. There is no need to discuss your non-alcoholic beverages. Most people do not care if you drink or not and, if they do, that is their problem.

4. Find a Sober Companion

You have chosen to be part of a small but growing percentage of people who do not use drugs or alcohol. You are not alone; in fact, there are people just like you hoping to make a friend who enjoys fun activities without getting drunk and disorderly. You will find these people all around you, once you begin looking for them. Even at an event where alcohol is served, look for new friends holding non-alcoholic drinks.

5. Let It All Hang Out

happy friends dancing at summer party in garden

You can let go of your inhibitions and have free-wheeling fun without drinking when you get the natural boost of excitement and adrenaline that comes from adventure and fun. That feeling after you ride a roller coaster or try parasailing is a natural release of tension and a bonding experience between friends.  Being sober doesn’t mean being serious all the time. Let yourself go and truly enjoy your experiences.

6. Know When to Get Gone

With a grand spirit of adventure, you might find yourself in a situation you recognize is going to be a challenge. When you feel a temptation to drink, leave that environment and seek support right away from your sober friends, recovery group, or addiction treatment programs available in your area.

Part of every journey into recovery and health is knowing when to remove yourself from toxic environments. Sober living homes offer an alternative to your current lifestyle with clean and sober housing that supports your goals. Contact RECO Institute in Delray Beach, FL today to find out more!

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